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Civil Ceremony in Capri

   Civil ceremonies in Capri are legally recognized in your country, usually consisting in a mix between the articles of the Italian civil code and traditional marriage vows. Civil ceremony lasts about twenty minutes, needs two witnesses over 18 years old and is held on sites (in buildings or outdoor) approved by the Italian government. The ceremony is in Italian and you should have an interpreter to translate the words of Mayor or registrar. The day prior the wedding in Capri, a sworn declaration needs to be produced to the office. You can add personal vows, music and floral decorations to your liking to personalize the ceremony.

   Have your civil wedding in the town halls of Capri or Anacapri: the enchanting island gives you the opportunity to start your new family with a legal wedding ceremony in the very heart of its historic beauty.  When is it better to have civil wedding in Capri? The best season is from April until October, but whenever you come Your civil ceremony is going to be a most romantic and beautiful experience, memories of which will stay with you for life.

Choose your venue for the civil wedding on Capri and Ischia islands

Punta Cannone

Famous for the scenic overview revealed from the terrace, Punta Cannone attracts numerous visual artists from all over the world.

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It is sometimes called “Mahler Platt” (Painters’ Square) since it’s here that Capri Island’s most famous landscape pictures were created. 

The astounding lookout terrace is ideal for a wedding ceremony in the company of closest people, while breath-taking views of Faraglioni rocks and sea expanses will serve you a fantasy setting for a romantic wedding.

La Certosadi San Giacomo

Built in 1371 by count Giacomo Arcucci, this beautiful monastery was badly damaged by pirate raids and wars.

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Nevertheless, after the major restoration in 1927, La Certosa San Giacomo stands to its former grandness and is valued as one of the most ancient heritage monuments of the island.

Here, on the open ground surrounded by grand columns and bright foliage, your celebration will turn an amazing festivity full of unmatched grandeur and splendor with wonderful sea sights an enjoyable supplement to your lovely Italian wedding.

The monastery is ideal for both an official and symbolic wedding, as well as for a festive dinner.

Villa Lysis (Fersen)

Lysis, a snow-white villa with gilded columns and arched ceiling is one of Capri island’s brilliants. Numerous tourists are attracted to its architectural beauty as well as the curious story behind its construction.

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In 1904 a whimsical French writer, baron Jacques Fersen, convicted and disenfranchised in France for homosexuality, built this magnificent villa Lysis among cypresses and lush Mediterranean vegetation as a tribute to his lover Nino Cesarini. Here, in this “Sanctuary of love and sorrow”, he spent the rest of his life savoring the wonderful sights and tranquility of Capri island. The romantic air of the villa perfectly suits a symbolic or an official wedding. Ceremonies take place on a picturesque terrace overlooking the sea.

La Migliera

A small amphitheater is hidden from public view by rich greenery of tall trees, and it seems to have been contrived for sentimentalists dreaming of a beautiful wedding on a fantasy island.

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Mediterranean vegetation, breath-taking sights of crystal-clear turquoise sea and looming mighty sea rocks of Faraglioni will make your official or symbolic Capri ceremony truly unforgettable.

Giardinidi Augusto

In the very center of Capri island there lies a stunning botanical garden of Giardinidi Augusto, named after Roman emperor Augustus, who used to be a frequent visitor to the island.

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The garden is a true work of art, with best gardeners and professionals of 19th century taking part in its construction. On an open terrace with a thrilling overview of entire Capri island with its famous coves and Faraglioni rocks an official or a symbolic ceremony can be performed. In the gardens of Augustus among gigantic trees and zillions of wonderful flowers, embroidering the place in mysterious patterns, with one of the world’s most marvelous sights in the background, your wedding will become a true wonder fairytale.

Il Faro

Punta Carena lighthouse was erected in 1897 and is one of the oldest lighthouses of Italy. Remote from hustle and inquisitive eyes, on a spectacular terrace surrounded by infinite sea expanses, you can enjoy a beautiful symbolic or an official ceremony of a lifetime.

The town of Capri municipality

The ceremony will take place at the town municipality on the central square of the island that carefully preserves the true caprian village style.

The town of Anacapri municipality

Your official ceremony will take place in the scenic garden of Anacapri municipality


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