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Ravello Wedding

 Dreaming of a heavenly wedding? Ravello is the perfect place for that! 


 The Amalfi coast is known as an earthly paradise, and the small town of Ravello is the heart of it. The noble families of Amalfi, who built their villas here, high and safe in the mountains, to hide away from the invading barbarians, founded the town in the 9th Century AD.

   Marriages are said to be concluded in heaven, and if it’s bound to mean that you should get closer to the sky than to the earth, Ravello wedding is exactly what you need. Indeed, this small town seems to hang between the sea and the sky, 350m above the sea level. The poet Andre Gide described Ravello as a spot “between the sky and the water”.

    If you are incorrigible romantics or a very creative couple, the fairytale atmosphere, peaceful and serene, unusual for Italian towns, is sure to charm you. This all has always attracted famous people in love from all over the world. Here, hidden from everybody, among the picturesque mountains, Greta Garbo and Leopold Stokovsky spent a month together in love.

There is no noise or bustle here - they remain there… below… on the earth. Is it not an ideal atmosphere for a perfect wedding?

   Ravello is famous for its narrow streets twined by bright bougainvillea and refreshed by sea breeze, wonderful landscapes and rich citrus fragrance in the air.
   It seems that in this town, hidden high in the mountains, life slows down. All of us want to stop time at the most happy and touching moments of our life. In addition, what can be better than to prolong this sweet instant… the moment of your love’s triumph – your Ravello wedding.

Fall in love, wed and spend your honeymoon in Ravello

   The bewitching beauty of Ravello have long attracted and inspired many famous poets and musicians from around the world. It was Ravello, where Lawrence wrote his “Lady Chatterley’s lover”, Andre Gide – his “Moralist”, and the great Wagner composed his “Parsifal”.

   Located high above the surrounding land Ravello offers its visitors one of the best panoramic views of the seacoast and majestic gardens that will decorate your wedding photos in the best way possible. Photos you will cherish and be proud of forever.

The charm of this magic town impresses everyone who once happens to visit Ravello. 

   Ravello is ideal for a honeymoon. You will have the opportunity to visit the “pearls” of Southern Italy, the inimitable medieval villas Cimbrone and Rufolo, located in the very heart of the town. Villa Rufolo is the main symbol of Ravello – it will strike you with its unusual oriental architecture and the grandeur of its gardens. Villa Cimbrone is a famous Ravello landmark, known worldwide for its scenic belvedere, the Terrazzo dell'lnfinito (the Terrace of Infinity). These villas have preserved their ancient grandeur and now are some of the most popular wedding venues of the world.

   You can go for romantic walks in the ancient Ravello, visit symphonic concerts with the participation of world stars. Your wedding in Ravello is going to be a fairytale, exquisite and intimate event.


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